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Prime Labels & Packaging

From versatile Flexible Pouches to precision-fitted Shrink Sleeves, we redefine product presentation. Need it soon? We specialize in short lead times.

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Brand Enhancement Through Prime Labels & Packaging

Whatever your flexible printing packaging needs, Gateway can meet them. We can handle any volume, from low minimums to large volume runs. And we offer the same high quality whether you’re a new company or a well-established brand. 



We understand that your packaging reflects strongly on your brand, and our goal is to make it look as sharp and professional as possible. Our specialty is turning around your job on a short lead time.



Prime Labels ensure your products stand out on the shelf. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow for many unique label decoration possibilities, putting your product front and center on the retail shelf.


For a personalized touch, our Custom Folding Cartons and Gift Boxes are crafted to specific dimensions and branding requirements. We focus on transforming your packaging vision into a deliverable reality.

Prime Labels & Packaging Products Include:

Flexible Pouches & Films

Our Flexible Pouches offer lightweight, adaptable packaging for a range of products. Our product offering encompasses stand-up and flat bottom pouches, pillow pouches, bags, and bar wraps.

Shrink Sleeves

We offer full-body shrink sleeves, combo packs and tamper evident perforated sleeves either in rolls for automatic application or individually sheeted for hand application. 

Prime Labels

Connect with your audience they moment they see your product on the shelf. Our prime label production capabilities with unlimited decoration possibilities will allow your products to stand out.

Custom Folding Cartons & Gift Boxes

We offer soft-touch, corrugated and eco-friendly box options in standard or custom sizes.

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