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Solutions for Airlines & Airports

Gateway is trusted by the industry:

Benefits that Gateway offers the Airlines & Airports Industry:

Innovative eezeetags® Product Enhances Self-Service Technology

Offering airlines and airports a self service bagtag designed with the passenger in mind. The patented eezeetag bagtag improves the passenger experience as well as increases passenger bag tagging time by 10 times.

50+ Years of Tailored Service for Airlines and Airports

Drawing on five decades of experience in meeting the unique product and service needs of airlines and airports.

Comprehensive Supply Solutions for Airlines and Airports

We serve as a one-stop, full-service supplier for all operational tag/label and operational print needs. Our unique understanding of the Airline and Airport industries allows us to design supply chain solutions that provide operational improvements.

Solutions for Airlines & Airports:


Unique linerless self-adhesive bag tags, designed around the passenger self-tagging a bag.

Standard Bagtags

Standard bagtags are labels attached to luggage for identification during travel, typically issued by airlines to help ensure proper handling and routing of checked bags.

Tags and Labels

Tags and labels encompass a wide range of adhesive or hangable identifiers used for various purposes, including product labeling, inventory management, and promotional activities.

Boarding Passes

Boarding passes are documents issued by airlines to passengers, granting them permission to board a specific flight, and containing important flight details and seat assignments.

Operational Printed Materials

Operational printed materials refer to a range of documents and forms used in the day-to-day operations of a business, which may include invoices, receipts, packing slips, and other administrative paperwork.

Managed Warehouse and Distribution Programs

These are comprehensive programs that encompass the handling, storage, and distribution of goods within a controlled and managed environment, often utilized for streamlined logistics and inventory management.

Elevating Air Travel with Innovative Solutions

With over five decades of dedicated service to airlines and airports, we understand the unique  needs of this industry like no other.


Drawing on this wealth of experience, we deliver tailored solutions that meet the distinctive requirements of Airlines and Airports.


As a full-service supplier, we streamline operations by providing a comprehensive range of operational supplies, from bag tags and boarding pass stock to printed materials, all managed and distributed from one reliable source. At Gateway, we’re not just a supplier; we’re a strategic partner in advancing operational efficiencies.

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