eezeetags introduces a new experience in the self service bag drop process. And it all starts with the tags itself. eezeetags are high quality bag tags that have no backing paper to pull away and nothing that sticks to clothes, bags or fl oors. They only stick to itself and to nothing else. The result? No waste paper at drop off point, no false sticking possible and therefore a much higher self tagging success rate. According to some major airlines that use eezeetags for their bag drop process this ensures a more easy and seamless travel experience and increases the level of satisfaction of the passengers.

Every second counts.

With the ever growing passenger numbers Airports are adopting technology to help them process this growth. And self service has proven to be more efficient. That is why Self service BagDrop will be adopted by 80% of all airlines and airports over the coming years. Despite good initiatives of home printed and permanent BagTags there will always be a need for a terminal printed one that should be tagged by the passengers themselves.

Eezeetags has developed a tag that is easy for the passengers to handle, there is no need to pull away a liner to expose the adhesive and therefor it creates no waste at the point of tagging. The magic adhesive does not stick to anything but to itself, so can not be applied in the wrong way. This gives the passengers a feeling of total control. Even more important it saves at least ten seconds per passenger in processing time. When you handle 8.000.000 bags a years these 10 seconds per bag will bring approx. 27.000 hours of extra BagDrop capacity on the same footprint. This saves millions of real estate investments and a far better human resource coefficient.

Probably the most important advantage: it will definitely put a smile on the face of the customers, who love that they are no longer standing in line can spend there time saved to go shopping, drinking, eating. Hence creating the so important non aeronautical revenue for the Airport.

All these benefits come out of a few cents costing eezeetags.

  • eezeetags are BagTags specially designed for self service BagDrop operations.
  • eezeetags have a magic adhesive that does not stick to Bags, Clothes, Children or Floors.
  • eezeetags need no pulling away from any backing paper, so it creates no waste at the point of tagging.
  • eezeetags can’t be tagged in the wrong way

FINAL RESULT: a positive end to end travel experience for the passenger


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