Enterprise Print Management

What is Enterprise Print Management?

It’s a guarantee of savings in printing costs and measurable improvements in the management of your company’s printed business communications operations.

Is Enterprise Print Management (EPM) right for you?

Consider the following facts…

If your company’s annual revenues range from $20 million to $2 billion, your printing costs can reach six digit sums, not including the cost to procure, process and handle the printed document.

Consider what your company spends annually on:

  • Business Forms
  • Envelopes
  • Self Adhesive Labels
  • Advertising Giveaways
  • Stationary Items
  • Commercial Printing

Many companies don’t know:

  • How much they spend on their printed materials
  • How many printed pieces they order every year and who in the organization used the material
  • What percentage of printed materials become obsolete before being used
  • The inventory carrying costs of warehoused printed materials

This basic lack of information makes it impossible to assess return on investment, improve efficiency and manage costs.

The EPM Advantage

The Gateway EPM program has saved companies like yours hundreds of thousands of dollars, while improving quality standards and increasing operational efficiency.

Gateway provides a written guarantee of savings in print procurement expenditures and begins the process of reengineering your print management systems for faster response and improved service.

Gateway works closely with our clients to:

  • Set savings targets
  • Streamline the print requisition process
  • Enhance product quality
  • Reduce printing turnaround
  • Eliminate documents
  • Reduce obsolescence
  • Improve distribution and fulfillment

Specifically, we can provide any or all of the following services:

We review your company’s print expenditures; pinpoint ways to streamline print production and develop printing budgets.

We track your company’s print expenses and conduct quarterly performance reviews of the EPM programs success.

We create and revise printed materials, store materials in our warehouses and provide you with information on quantities and usage so you know when to reprint.

We distribute materials when and where you need them and provide cost center billing information.


Gateway clients can use our internet based ordering system to instantly reorder custom printed and stock items, as well as review inventory levels and check on status of entered orders.

If your company has already increased its focus on core business activities, Gateway’s Enterprise Print Management Program should be the next logical step for outsourcing, reengineering, and vendor consolidation.

To learn more or to request an appointment for a thorough evaluation, please call us at 1-866-792-0031.